Environmental Policy


St Johns Centre is a retail and office complex located in Leeds city centre, providing a hub for both locals and tourists alike. The indoor shopping centre is home to fashion and lifestyle shops as well as food and drink spots across two floors, the office portion is set across 7 floors.

St Johns Centre has established a comprehensive sustainability strategy and objectives. A Materiality Assessment has been undertaken to understand the key impacts, risks and opportunities to assist in structuring and prioritising action areas for the strategy.

Policy Statement

We are committed to the protection of the environment and recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce the impact of our operation. We endeavour to make a difference within our local community and have incorporated sustainability within our central business strategy.

St Johns Centre has committed to implementing an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to; fulfil compliance obligations, protect the environment, prevent pollution incidents and continually improve the environmental performance of the sites and space under our management.

Implementation & Key Objectives:

Under the leadership of the Centre Management and Operation teams, a dedicated team of personnel have been appointed to maintain and develop the EMS for the site, in partnership with the Savills Sustainability team.

These teams will work closely with the ESG Committee to implement the objectives of the EMS, and to communicate our environmental and sustainability requirements, goals and achievements to all stakeholders.

St Johns Centre is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency and promoting waste reduction, re-use and recycling.

To date, the Centre has proudly maintained zero waste to landfill for over five years and has successfully transitioned to 75% LED lighting in common areas.

Roles & Responsibilities

The General Manager is accountable for the environmental performance and compliance of St Johns Centre. The entirety of the St Johns Centre team is tasked with the day-to-day implementation of the EMS as it pertains to their individual role, and for ensuring the ongoing compliance of the site with environmental compliance requirements and the ISO 14001 Standard.

This policy is communicated to all team members and site contractors. Team members and contractors working for and on behalf of St Johns Centre are expected to read and understand the policy.

Andrew Stringer, General Manager